The commercial design industry is constantly changing and evolving. Through the years we have seen many different trends come and go, from Scandinavian style to Boho Chic, but the question now is; what will be the next big trend in 2018? Well, thanks to some of the most influential interior designers and architects, who have all shared their new and exciting designs, we now know what 2018 is going to look like. It seems that this year is set to be styled with a calm and collective minimalist design throughout all commercial spaces. The way these designers are combining different textures with pale yet bold colours provides a modern yet familiar feel. As well as this, we have also noticed a rise in modular design as people look to combine necessity with creativity. Including adaptable components promotes a stylish functionality that mirrors minimalism, but also stands out as its own trend. To create this theme, designers and architects are sourcing new, alternative ways in which to get the look, whilst staying within budget and keeping one eye on the environment. The best way of achieving this is through investing in high pressure laminate. Due to its multi-functional abilities, you will be seeing this used a lot more in commercial spaces throughout 2018.

High pressure laminate (also known as HPL) is one of the few surface materials that perfectly combines robust durability with stylish versatility, perfect for any type of design in any industry. It is becoming increasingly important for both commercial and residential designers to come up with new and innovative designs. With so many different styles occupying so many different types of industries, it’s now harder than ever to come up with a look that is creative, stylish and unique. This increase has led designers to start looking for alternative materials that boast better versatility and flexibility, and this is where HPL comes in. There are many reasons as to why 2018 will be the year for high pressure laminate design but we thought we would show you the 5 most popular.

  • Versatility & Style
  • Cost
  • Strong, durable designs
  • Eco-friendly commercial design
  • Innovation and intelligent design

Add Visual Excitement

How High Pressure Laminate is both Versatile and Stylish

HPL is unrivalled when it comes to both versatility and style. This wonderfully flexible surface has many options to choose from, whether you are after a textured, retro design or something more smooth and modern, high pressure laminate has something for you. The vast array of colours and textures is what makes this product perfect for creating that 2018 minimalist style. Combining an intricate and complex pattern with a pale yet bold colour is the ideal way of staying ahead this year, which is made much easier by using HPL.

Commercial designers are forever in pursuit of new and exciting ways of being creative with their ideas. Finding alternative ways of bringing their visions to life is a great way of not only staying ahead but also setting the trend. Stylists, designers and architects are realising the versatility that high pressure laminate has and are quickly discovering its endless potential. Whether you are looking for a style of rustic wood, smooth metal, hard stone, bright colour, detailed pattern or glossy finish, high pressure laminates have something for you. For example, our brand new Gentas by Geaves collection boasts 85 colours, 46 wood grains and 14 concrete and metal effects, perfect for anyone looking to implement the minimalist trend of 2018 into their own creation.

High Pressure laminate design 2018

Keep the cost down with this surface solution

One of the best things about investing in a high pressure laminate surface is the amount you get to save when compared to real wood or stone. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, HPL is so convincing that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between the real thing and the laminate version. This provides designers and businesses with much more freedom when coming up with design concepts. Certain wood or stone styles may have once been over budget, but now, thanks to high pressure laminates, this look can be created effectively and affordably. This then frees up extra money within the budget which can be spent on other things, such as furniture and facilities. Get the 2018 style without having to compromise on quality with the forever stylish and always reliable high pressure laminate.

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Strong, durable and reliable

Simply put, high pressure laminate is one of the strongest surface products around. Its strength lies in how it’s made. The manufacturing process creates a surface that is both incredibly strong and exceptionally durable, perfect for somewhere with a high risk of damage. As the majority of the 2018 minimalist trend will be seen in bars, shops and restaurants, the design has to be equally as durable as it is stylish. Its determined surface is capable of taking heavy hits without damage to the surface area, whereas stone and wood can crack and chip. Not only is a high pressure laminate surface robust, it is also exceptionally hygienic, making it a fantastic choice when designing spaces in restaurants and hospitals. Easy to clean, safe to use anywhere and immensely strong, with HPL your design can be both stylish and practical.

IMAGE COURTESY OF LUKSTUDIO; PHOTOGRAPHY © DIRK WEIBLEN. Can also be found at https://de-production-media.s3.amazonaws.com/loft/2464/2018_Commercial_Trends.pdf

The greener option

As briefly mentioned earlier, designs in 2018 are set to be focused more on keeping them as environmentally friendly as possible. However, this is not a new concept as most designers now have to come up with a design that is both stylish and eco-friendly. Whether it’s for a bar, restaurant or shop, the materials used to create the desired look need to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Although HPL contains paper, it’s certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and is still a greener choice than a lot of other potential materials. This is another reason as to why 2018 will be dominated by high pressure laminate.

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Innovation and intelligent design

Although high pressure laminate has been around for a while, the recent technological advancements have created a whole new wave of new, modern architects who are creating innovative styles and exciting creations with this versatile material. These architects and designers are incorporating elaborate patterns within their 2018 designs to express an innovative spirit and unique identity. Creating a multi-dimensional style through the use of shapes and patterns is made much easier with HPL. Its design potential knows no bounds as it spans all types of styles, from sleek and modern to retro and rustic.

A quick summary of the 2018 design trends:

  • Minimalist style
  • Modular Design
  • Simple colour schemes
  • Creative patterns offset with calm colour
  • Adaptable components
  • Symmetrical shapes
  • Combine practicality with modern style
  • Eco-friendly

Through its flexibility, durability and versatility it’s clear to see why so many architects and designers are using high pressure laminate to achieve the modern, minimalist style this year. Easily and affordably turning their visions into a reality, this product will be taking over 2018 and we are excited to see what they do with it…